I'm Jill...
the woman who started it all, but you can call me 

Brody's mom.

Welcome to calm mama revolution!


Hi there!

Picture this...

Me, a high-flying, career-loving, single mom thinking I've got it all balanced—career, family, friends, and motherhood

Then 2020 hit like a poorly scripted disaster movie. Virtual kindergarten, anyone? Trying to juggle homeschooling and a career, all while single momming, felt like a comedy show where the joke was definitely on me.

The Plot Thickens...

Fast forward to 2021.

My superhero cape was fraying. Brody, my heart outside my body, was struggling—more meltdowns, school avoidance, and a level of anxiety that made my heart ache. So, I did the unthinkable —
I pressed pause on my career.

Hardest. Decision. Ever.

Flashback to the early days

When Brody arrived, I discovered something way more effective than Ozempic. I called it the "Stop Brody from Crying Diet."

I've never lost so much weight so quickly in my life. Imagine me, bouncing on a yoga ball like it's an Olympic sport, trying every gadget on the market to soothe him. My dad even joked about getting a paint mixer to do the trick. Spoiler alert: We didn't.

The twist i didn't see coming

Despite the chaos...

...the endless doctor visits, and being the star of our own public spectacle (shoutout to the restaurant that couldn't handle our vibes), we had a breakthrough.

And just like that, everything changed.

An occupational therapist introduced us to a world I never knew existed—sensory challenges.

I discovered...

Brody is a highly sensitive child.

This revelation wasn't just a label—it was a lifeline.
It reshaped how I communicated, how I supported him, and frankly, how I viewed our entire world.

This journey taught me more than I could've imagined—about resilience, about creativity in parenting, and most importantly, about the power of my own response to our challenges. 

The Transformation

Our bond?

Stronger than ever.

My mission?

Crystal clear.

Chatting with other moms                       
I realized our story wasn't unique.  

Armed with

Yet the


just like me,

of experience


in building

companies, communities and events, I knew I had to do something.


lack of





calm mama revolution is Born...

a haven


Of raising

highly sensitive children.



the beautiful, tumultuous waters 


So, if any of this sounds familiar—you are not alone. 


Here, we're all about empowering you and your highly sensitive children to thrive together—turning your                   

Because we believe when mothers are given the resources and community to flourish, so too will their children.

Let's start this beautiful, messy, and utterly rewarding journey together.

into triumphs                   chaos into calm.


and your

Welcome to the family!

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