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The moment you ditch the snooze and 


It's that pit in your stomach that forms the second you open your eyes. 

It sucks. 

You probably spend most of your days navigating a minefield—avoiding any triggers that might tip your highly sensitive child into 'full melt.' 

Maybe you're...


feeling lost...

to understand what's causing these intense reactions in your child


and alone in raising your child

and now, you're here...

by completely useless “parenting” advice from everyone

that oh-so-familiar 'morning panic' sets in.

you're not alone!


may be in store for you today…

losing your ever-lovin' mind...

...and Doordash everything, after one too many meltdown-filled outings...

maybe you've stopped going out...

...thinking, there's GOTTA be a way through this without 

...crying inside (or out!) thinking you don't have what it takes to be a 'good' mom...

or you lie awake at night...

...trying to figure out what the 'f' is going on with your child...

and, you've scoured the internet...

...and your pediatrician says it's either "reflux or colic." But you know in your gut...there's something greater at play.

maybe your baby cries all. day. long...

calm mama revolution

IS here               YOU GO FROM TREADING WATER           

to help

a newfound state of...


emotional resilience, and deep, loving connection with YOUR child. 

Calm. Love. Confidence. Laughter. Happiness.

About Me • About Me • About Me •

Welcome, Mamas!

HELLo, I’m Jill

I'm a mama-in-training of a highly sensitive son.

I've spent decades building industry-changing companies and events until I could no longer do it all. 

After hitting that speed bump, I met so many other moms struggling just like me—feeling lost and alone raising their highly sensitive child.

I knew exactly what I needed to do for moms, for me, and my son.

Calm Mama Revolution was born. 

I believe when mothers are given the resources and community to flourish, so too will their children.

Light bulb moment!

That is where the magic happens...



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"Motherhood is about raising and celebrating the child you have, not the child you thought you would have."

— Joan Ryan

Navigating the World of a Highly Sensitive Child


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