So what does this mean?

Your child's reactions go way beyond standard kid complaints - we're talking total meltdowns, emotional flooding, and sensory "hangry" mode. 

Hey... we can see you rolling your eyes!

As their mom, you've got a learning curve ahead. But you'll quickly become a rockstar advocate who can empathetically modify your child's environment so they can thrive.


We promise to arm you with the strategies and support you will need every step of the way. You are not alone in this.

Alright mama,

Lastly, join our free and private Calm Mama Community online. Connect with fellow mamas walking this same journey. Share triumphs, tears, and tips. You need a village and we gotchu.

Watch your child closely and pinpoint what sends your child's senses into overdrive. Make a list of tricky noises, lights, textures, or situations across home, school, play. Begin to strategize ways to lessen those triggers.

Get your research on about highly sensitive kids! Understanding their experience helps you empathize and advocate. The traditional parenting "playbook" rarely works for these children. Let us help you discover what does. Big win.

It's just like the oxygen mask rule on planes! Shifting your mindset and modifying your reactions can have a massive impact on your child. A peaceful mind = a peaceful mama.

Here's the deal

Connecting to your kiddo's intense reactions can be straight-up exhausting

and it's no joke.

Cancel your plans, put on those Cozy Earth PJs you splurged on (thank you Oprah's Fave Things), and queue up season 3 of "The Morning Show" - then binge the night away (sans kids)

Say "peace out" to the usual routine... order in from that place with the to-die-for garlic knots, indulge in a hemp seed salt bath before drifting off listening to The Sleep Pod stories on Spotify

FaceTime a fellow mama-in-arms who isn't offended by your "I'm loosin' my f'in mind" rant...this may be the most beneficial of all!

Find those tiny pockets of self-care whenever you can.

Trust me, I know it's not always possible. Some days just surviving till bedtime is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Showing our littles that mama's needs matter too is some of the best life advice we can give 'em. #truth

Believe it or not, focusing on your own transformation first will have the greatest impact on your child. Trust me.

Your first step is unapologetically recharging your mama battery. Whether it's:

Moms-to-Moms Guide to Navigating the World of a Highly Sensitive Child

The Essential Handbook to Understanding Your Child's Sensory Reality

Lets get started...


Parenting a highly sensitive child can feel like a rollercoaster ride with all the loops and turns. But knowledge is power! Download our free guide to understand what high sensitivity really means and get simple strategies to help your child thrive.