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Your Child has Minimal Sensory Sensitivity

While your child's sensory system seems well-regulated, all kids benefit from an informed, empathetic environment. Let's keep fostering their resilience!

So what does this mean?

Your child seems to take most sensory experiences in stride. Loud, chaotic settings don’t faze them. They transition well between environments and roll with routine changes too.

But all children thrive when their feelings and needs are heard. Keep open communication about experiences that may bother them, even if minor. Problem-solve together.   

Stay focused on your own self-care too. Carving out alone time ensures you’re energized to keep empowering your child as they grow. You’ve got this!

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Parenting a highly sensitive child can feel like a rollercoaster ride with all the loops and turns. But knowledge is power! Download our free guide to understand what high sensitivity really means and get simple strategies to help your child thrive.